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Rooster and Hen Painted Lazy SusanPainted wood lazy Susan. 13 inch diameter wooden lazy Susan painted rooster and hen.
Gingerbread Lazy Susan with Glass TopDecorative dining room tabletop painted lazy Susan measures 14 inch diameter. Hand painted Ginger bread  lazy Susan.
Pizza Lazy Susan Hand Painted - 15 Inch DiameterUnique 15 inch wooden lazy Susan with HAND PAINTED PIZZA.
Hand Painted Holiday Poinsettias Lazy Susan 16"Decorative painted poinsettias lazy Susans, beautiful painted lazy Susan for any kitchen table.
Red Dragon Hand Painted on 15 Inch Lazy SusanBeautiful dining room table lazy Susan. Decorative Lazy Susan with Red Dragon set off your dining table.
Hand Painted Egyptian Lilies Wooden Lazy Susan 15"Hand painted Lilies Lazy Susan made in the USA. 15" diameter lazy Susan painted Egyptian Lillie lazy Susan. FREE USA SHIPPING
Welsh Dragon Painted 15 Inch Wooden Lazy SusanTable top lazy Susan called Welsh Dragon measure 15"s across. Looks good on kitchen table tops also. FREE USA SHIPPING
Native American Basket - Lazy SusanHand painted American made 15 inch wooden lazy Susan. This unique lazy Susan is made of Maple wood.
Zodiac Wooden Lazy SusanBeautiful hand painted lazy Susan, painted Zodiac lazy susan.
Coral Reef Wooden Lazy SusanHand painted lazy susans maked great gifts, the art painted on the lazy susans are beautiful.

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