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Keurig K-Cups | Keurig K Cups Holders | Keurig K Cups Drawer Holder
These are not the K-cup holders you can order at the Keurig site. Our wooden K-Cup holders look very nice in a contemporary or work place setting. Place a K-cup dispenser next to a Keurig coffee maker on a kitchen countertop, it looks better than the metal carousel. These wooden K-cup dispensers simply looks nicer than the wire frame style K-cup Carousels. Think how your kitchen or workplace would look like with our K-cup dispensers.
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A Keurig Kitchen Drawer 36 K-Cup Storage UnitA Keurig Kitchen Drawer 36 K-Cup Storage UnitKeurig kitchen storage insert for K cups. Each K cup storage unit holds 32 k-cups. Easy read Keurig K cups storage display.

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