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Exotic Zebra Wood Glass Set / Goblets - Rare Zebra Wood
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Exotic Zebra Wood Glass Set / Goblets - Rare Zebra Wood
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One pair of Zebrawood Goblets

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Your favorite wine or champagne will taste even better in these beautiful handcrafted wine glasses. The glass is hand blown and the Zebrawood is hand turned both from professional craftsmen.

These unique Goblets are completely made by hand and no duplicating   equipment is used, therefore no two are exactly alike. Height is   1/2” . Zebra wood is truly an exotic wood distinctive for its zebra like light and dark stripes. The term, "zebra wood" is shared by several other woods with this particular appearance. The most common species available are from West Africa. They are an equatorial tree of medium to large size, gregarious, and can grow to heights of 150 feet with trunk diameters of 4 to 5 feet. It is commonly growing in pure strands along riverbanks.

  Zebra-wood has a relatively small following of woodworkers that even knows it exists, but those that do and venture to use it, are awed by its dramatic color banding.  

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BeautifulAwesome Zebrawood Glasses / Goblets Pair
5 Star Rating
Written by Dena L. Bowmer on Sun 15 Feb 2009 6:46:28 PM GMT

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